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LSA International Tapered Jug

Sale price£60.00

This is absolutely our favourite jug! The handle and spout are so well-designed that it's a joy to use. We also love the contemporary look of the tapering towards the top.

  • Mouth-blown glass - made the traditional way by the skilled glassmakers at LSA International. The spout is formed by hand and each jug has unique idiosyncrasies.
  • Its good looks that mean you'll happily leave this jug on the table all day - fill it up with water once a day rather than pouring away unused water after mealtimes. 
  • Great for cordial, water or juice. Wide top for adding ice and fruit slices.
  • Comes boxed so makes a lovely wedding or birthday present.

Dimensions: height 25cm, width 16cm.

Capacity: 1.9L

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LSA International Tapered Jug Sale price£60.00